Terms of Reference, Hand in Hand Sweden final evaluation: Women Empowerment and Entrepreneurship
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Terms of Reference, Hand in Hand Sweden final evaluation: Women Empowerment and Entrepreneurship

Call for development impact evaluators! Hand in Hand Sweden is looking for an independent consultant to conduct the final evaluation for Phase V of the Project "Women Empowerment and Entrepreneurship".

Project Background

This project is Phase V of a long-term cooperation between Läkarmissionen and Hand in Hand. Phase V is a continuation of Phase IV, implemented by Hand in Hand India, Hand in Hand Sweden and, funded by Läkarmissionen. Phase V is implemented in the state of Madhya Pradesh and includes a focus on building entrepreneurship skills and basic literacy of women, and also includes a new focus on rights, and an advanced literacy and digital literacy component.

The project is the fifth phase of the cooperation with the following precursors:

  • Women’s empowerment and entrepreneurship (Phase IV, 2013-2017)
  • Women’s empowerment and entrepreneurship (Phase III, 2012-2013)
  • Women’s empowerment and entrepreneurship (Phase II, 2010-2011)
  • Women’s empowerment and entrepreneurship (Phase I, 2008-2009)

In the first three phases, the focus was on entrepreneurship in Tamil Nadu, based on the Hand in Hand model of entrepreneurship and skills training for poor and marginalised women. In Phase IV, the project established activities in Madhya Pradesh, in addition to Tamil Nadu, and introduced a literacy component, acknowledging the need for entrepreneurs to gain skills in reading, writing and counting when running an enterprise. Literacy classes are held in parallel to the Hand in Hand entrepreneurship training.

Women’s Empowerment and Entrepreneurship Phase V continues to focus on literacy and entrepreneurship of poor and very poor rural women in Madhya Pradesh. It provides women from Phase IV further support and includes 6 000 new project participants. The project has been implemented in the same areas in Madhya Pradesh as in Phase IV (the districts of Dewas, Dhar and Indore).

The support given to new project participants focuses on enterprise creation and basic functional literacy. The continuing project participants from Phase IV receive focused training on enterprise development and advanced functional literacy.

In addition to the mobilisation of women into Self-Help Groups (SHGs) and provision of training in entrepreneurship and basic literacy, the project supports the foundation of 1) Enterprise Facilitation Centres (to focus on enterprise and value chain development for specific enterprise orientations); 2 ) Rural Resource Centres (to help develop communities, and provide support to obtain national identity cards, for example); and 3) engagement  in Advanced Literacy training (with focus on entrepreneurship and rights, providing the participants tools to know and claim their institutional rights). 

Please read the full Terms of References by downloading it here!

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