Meet the Amazing Grace Star Club

Meet the Amazing Grace Star Club

Thanks to the MEY project, a holistic programme targeting youth in Zimbabwe, the Amazing Grace Star Club self-help group succeeded in developing its business and increasing the income it generates. Today, they can afford to send both their children - and themselves - to school.

The Amazing Grace Star Club consists of five young women living in Chirumanzu, Zimbabwe. The Club existed before they came into contact with Hand in Hand. At that time, they were running the Amazing Grace Star Club Flea Market together. In the beginning, the business did not generate any notable revenue.

Through Hand in Hand Zimbabwe and the MEY project, they not only received entrepreneurship training but were also granted a larger loan. They used the money to invest in new goods and expand the business!

Paying their own school fees

Today they sell clothes, shoes, jewellery, and toys purchased from South Africa and Zambia at their flea market. Thanks to the income generated from their business, the women, who are all studying, are now able to afford their school fees.

“Once we had learned more about running a business, we were able to improve our flea market’s quality. And the loan was a major help to us. Without it, we would almost certainly have closed down our business,” says Lisa Chibura, group chair.

Den 35 år gamla Lisa berättar också att hon nu kan betala skolavgifter för inte bara sig själv, utan också sina tre barn. Hon skapar sig en egen försörjning och kan ta hand om sina föräldrar.

Lisa, who is 35 years old, explains that she can now not only afford her own school fees, but also those for her three children. She is making her own livelihood and can take care of her parents.

In addition, all five women have also hired one woman each, with the goal of supporting more vulnerable women living in poverty.

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