Meet Gertrude

Meet Gertrude

Despite the difficult economic situation and skyrocketing inflation, Gertrude Nkomo, mother of four, managed to escape poverty on her own. Today, her business is thriving.

It all started in February 2019, when she joined the Zamimpilo self-help group and Hand in Hand Zimbabwe’s Job Creation Programme.

After receiving coaching and training in entrepreneurship and trade skills, her ability to generate an income increased dramatically. Gertrude started a small bakery and her life as an entrepreneur began.

Bartering broadened her customer base

Gertrude bakes for all types of occasions. Her shop sells scones, pretzels, cakes, muffins, and buns. She sells her baked goods locally and, in order to broaden her customer base, she accepts various payment methods, including bartering.

Expansion plans

Gertrude’s business has continued to grow and develop. The bakery is blooming and now provides a sufficient income for Gertrude to take care of her household and provide for her four children. She has even been able to purchase seven goats.

“The next step is to start delivering baked goods to shops and expand into raising hens,” says Gertrude.

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