Meet Basanti

Meet Basanti

Basanti Devi was married at the age of 15 and she gave birth to six children. She and her husband live in the Indian village of Majavad. Her husband works in a nearby city, but his income is not sufficient to support the family. They are lucky that Basanti also earns money today.

Basanti joined the “Chamunda Maa” self-help group in October 2019, hoping to be able to contribute to the family’s income. The group started as part of the Rise up Women! project. It implements Hand in Hand’s classic entrepreneurship training, and its members learn about group dynamics as well as savings, accounting, and business development.

Support and guidance

After the training, Basanti discussed various business ideas with Hand in Hand, which supported and guided her to the decision to open a fruit and vegetable stand. In order to start her business, Basanti borrowed money from the self-help group’s joint savings.

Today, she earns around 400 SEK a day. Basanti used the first week’s revenue to pay part of her daughter’s school fees.

Today, Basanti is equipped to live an independent life. She plans to pay for her daughter’s education and continue saving in order to have a buffer for unexpected expenses.

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